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Jason is originally from Kansas City, MO, where he first learned the disappointments of watching sports. The highlight of his sporting world came when he was 5, and watched the Royals win the World Series with no idea what it meant.

Since then, he’s attended Northwest Missouri State University, traveled to Wyoming to raise antelope and talk some sports as well. All the while watching the Chiefs, Royals and Missouri Tigers find new ways to lose. 

He quickly learned when he was in his early teen years that sports on the field would not be a way to make a living, considering he couldn’t get in the game. But having watched many a game from the sideline, and his propensity to never stop talking, a career in broadcasting seemed the perfect fit.

Jason spent four years covering the Chiefs and Royals and hosting a nightly show as well as hosting pre- and post-game shows along the way.

Jason currently hosts The Zone 3-6pm Monday through Friday. The show features the best local and national guests and chatter in the city.

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